Sukkah Shift, is designed to use standardized card board tubes. Card board tubes are low cost and made from paper that can be recycled after use. The tubes are to be arranged in such a way to make walls, seating and other elements on the floor in side, and to create and undulating roof that shades, and can view the stars at night.

The unique form is designed through computer computation. The?design thus is easily fabricated through unitizing its parts. So what?appears to be completely random sizes of tubes are really an?organized system of stacked, repeated and multiplied units. These?can be organized through a system of number and built in parts?off site and assembled quickly on the site for final construction.
Off site the pieces can be assembled with glue and on site a few?bolted connections can make the final assemblage?The “Shift” of the design is the continuous up and down movement?the tubes appear to make, and the scaling in size that they take on?to allow more or less light through. Inside small tubes on the floor?can be used to create shelves, seating, vase for flowers, hooks to?hang photos of loved ones and other objects, and many more uses?that the users may discover.

Kehilla’s Sukkahville 2nd place

Project details: